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"AA Not the Only Way: Your One Stop Resource Guide to 12-Step Alternatives," 2nd Edition, Amazon.com Bestseller by Melanie Solomon. $19.95 from Smashwords.com
Responds to the growing demand from recovery experts, court rulings, problem drinkers & drug addicts for a global resource directory of alternative treatments. You can find a multitude of self-help groups, a variety of alternatives to help with your substance abuse, what works and what doesn't, how to choose your treatment & a complete directory of professionals & programs who offer these options.


Massage Classifieds
Find Professional Massage Therapists Websites

The Arthritis & Glucosamine Resource Center
A very informative site about arthritis and glucosamine. Over 100 articles on treating arthritis, the science backing glucosamine, a review of glucosamine products, an arthritis newsletter, tips to beat arthritis pain, and much more.


The Vedic Cultural Fellowship
Vedic Cultural Fellowship will seek to teach and apply the sciences of natural ayurvedic medicine, yoga, meditation, and vedic astrology. Our desire is to help individuals overcome physical, emotional, or spiritual problems naturally, gaining a higher outlook on life both individually and collectively.

Aromatherapy / Herbs / Vitamins

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Bodywork / Energy / Chinese Medicine

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Consciousness / Transpersonal Psychology

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Better Living Through Chemistry

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Wellness Resource Lists

  • Yahoo - Alternative Medicine
  • Index - pitt.edu
  • MedWeb Index
  • Health and Longevity Info
  • Become a Nurse Practitioner

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Offline Sources of Information
    About the Alternative Healing Scene in Santa Fe

    • Listed in the main area of this web site are the more permanent schools and organizations in the Santa Fe area that are related to alternative healing.
    • There are many other smaller or "one of a kind" learning opportunities around Santa Fe. Sometimes these are listed in free newspapers. If you're coming to Santa Fe for a visit, these are available at many locations around town. Perhaps the easiest locations to find them at are the "Wild Oats" natural food store at the corner of St. Francis and Alta Vista, or the main library downtown (Washington and Marcy).
    • There are also alternative schools for K-12 around Santa Fe, I just don't know much about them.
    • The Santa Fe New Mexican is a local daily newspaper. 1-505-984-0363
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