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"What's the Santa Fe area like?"

In general, Santa Fe is an expensive place to live. It is not as expensive as some larger cities like San Francisco. Housing costs vary with location, if you want a deluxe apartment near the Plaza you will pay insane rents. For average places you might figure on twice the prices in small Midwestern towns.

Santa Fe tends to have a transformational effect on people. It's not uncommon for people to come to SF to go to one of the alternative healing schools and leave after graduation with a profound change in their consciousness.

Despite SF's reputation as a spiritual center, it suffers from high crime rates and rush hour traffic jams are common. In particular, cars with California license plates seem to be targets for vandalism.

Unlike most parts of the US, conversations about disadvantaged minorities almost always refer to Hispanics and Native Americans.

Question: I've heard that "santa fe is exclusively for rich people, very upper crust"
Most people in Santa Fe can't afford to be "Upper Crust". The "Upper Crust" just gets most of the press.

Question: I've heard that "kindof non-conventional lifestyle - unconventional and highly artistic lifestyle santa fe embraces i right"
Santa Fe's alternative healing community embraces diversity, as long as your not a conservative. What I mean is that Santa Fe has a large population of unconventional people, they are on average just as closed minded as the people in Dubuque, Iowa, just about different things.

Question: How about "Making a decent living"
This is the hardest thing about getting by in Santa Fe

North of Santa Fe are Espanola and Los Alamos. Espanola is sort of a rural town (haven't spent much time there). At first glance, Los Alamos seems like a nice small midwestern town. I hear there's excellent K-12 schools and a very low crime rate. About the only people who live there are associated with LANL because it's an expensive place to live and very LANL centered.

You can find some of the more general information at the web sites listed below.

Santa Fe Convention and Visitors Bureau
Santa Fe Times
Santa Fe Reporter
Santa Fe Now
The Santa Fe New Mexican (newspaper)
"Santa Fe Information"
The New Mexico Hotel & Motel Association
New Mexico Commission on Higher Education
Virtual Los Alamos
City-Data (Santa Fe)
Chamber of Commerce (Santa Fe County)
Santa Fe Links (Public Library)
Santa Fe Scene

"I will be visiting Santa Fe during the week of......What happenings will be occuring ---?"

Many events aren't advertised until the first of the month.

1. Request information from the "Santa Fe Convention and Visitors Bureau"

2. When you get to Santa Fe, stop at the Wild Oats (health food store) at the corner of Saint Francis Drive and Cordova. Look over the bulletin board and pick up any local papers/flyers that look interesting. Also check the boards at the main public library located downtown at the corner of Washington Ave. & Marcy Ave.

"Send me information about ----."

The Wellness Zone is a community service project. To receive information about the schools you have to contact them directly. The contact information is included on each organization's page.

"I am trying to find information about a Spa, I believe the name was Japanese ??????, can you help me??"

Ten Thousand Waves
PO Box 10200
Santa Fe, NM 87504
Tel: 505-988-1047

"Please add a link to my great web site."

>Please take a look at a new site that I think would fit in very nicely in your site:

Other than local organizations, I usually only make links to sites having a significant information content that's useful independent of advertising. If you add such information to your site let me know.

"How do I treat my ----- ?"

I probably don't know and in any case I don't offer medical advice over the internet.

"What happened to the Santa Fe Sun?"

For many years the Sun had the most comprehensive coverage of Santa Fe's alternative health scene. Shortly after changing owners, it's racks disappeared along with it's office, phone number, and web site. (Spring 1999)

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