Taos Door

"Taos Door" 19"x7"
Giclée $100

For more than a decade Ed Wyatt's serigraphs have been a favorite for collectors who appreciate the bold style and clean lines of his hand-pulled screen prints.

Ed is one of an elite group of artist who prides himself in his ability to capture the unique range of images created by the diversity of crystalline sunlight and intriguing shadows found in the mountains, mesas and ancient adobes of New Mexico and the Southwest.

Represented by galleries nationwide, Ed's work has been selected for major exhibitions, won awards and is in private and corporate collections nationally and internationally.

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A giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) is a high-end fine art print recognized as "the next best thing to owning the original”, Giclée's can be found on display in the world's finest museums and art galleries, often they can be hard to distinguish from originals.

Giclée Prints are Signed "Open Edition"

Ed Wyatt - Harveest Moon

"Harvest Moon" 8"x20" $100.00

Ed Wyatt - Acoma II

"Acoma II" 19"x7" $100.00  

Ed Wyatt - Taos Moon

"Taos Moon" 20"x14" $125.00

Ed Wyatt - Flying High

"Taos Moon" 20"x14" $125.00

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