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The Other State: New Mexico, USA

by Richard McCord

The Other StateBook Description

The party in the cemetery. The amputation of the bronze foot. The reincarnation of Billy the Kid. The only book ever to make The New York Times best-seller list in both fiction AND non-fiction. The female gentlemen. The cave that waited 40 years. The murderous "squaw man."

Where will you find these strange stories, and more? Only in "The Other State: New Mexico, USA." Anyone who lives in or travels to New Mexico understands that it is a place unlike anywhere else. Extremely unlike anywhere else.

These true tales, brief and fast-moving, paint a unique portrait of a unique land. They are told by a multiple-award-winning writer, who found his home in New Mexico decades ago and has been telling its story ever since. If you too feel New Mexico's spell, then welcome to . . . "The Other State."

About the Author

Raised in Georgia, trained in New York, Richard McCord found home in New Mexico in 1971. Three years later he founded the weekly Santa Fe Reporter, which soon won a national reputation for excellence. Now a freelance, he celebrates the place he loves.

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