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Andrew Adleman. Professional editor of published books such as Feng Shui of the Body, Luminous Essence, Taking the Heat: A Los Alamos Crusader, and God Loves an Unmade Bed: Spirituality for the Imperfect. He often co-writes with successful professionals in various fields. An example is "Breaking the Cycle: Free Yourself from Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession, and Shame," co-written with George Collins, a sex addiciton counselor. That book will bepublished in Fall 2011 by New Harbinger Publications. Book Doctor/consultant for overall structure of fiction and nonfiction. Excellent at book proposals. Knowledge of publishing industry and self-publishing. Email contact: Website:

Blessingway Authors' Services, Ellen Kleiner. Professional editorial, design, production, and marketing support, as well as foreign rights representation, for writers and self-publishers. For self-publishers, we go from manuscript to bound book. For writers seeking publishers, we offer manuscript and book proposal development, as well as links to literary agents when possible.
Phone: 505/983-2649 / Fax: 505/983-2005 E-mail:



Marilyn Hager. Over ten years experience in the publishing industry. Has worked with Bear & Company Publishing, a popular New Age/Self-Help publisher and John Muir Publications, who publish travel books. Managed and designed such diverse projects as typesetting and production of book interiors, covers, illustrations, and packaging for over twenty-three titles. Uses state of the art equipment and can do computer animation. Has contacts with editors, publicists, separators and printers worldwide. Marilyn Hager is based in the Los Angeles area. Phone: 310-376-3840. Email: Website: www.

Vivian Day. Calligrapher, illustrator, graphic designer. lettering artist and book maker - published since 1966 by Time-Life, Discover, Yachting, National Wildlife Federation, The Audubon Society, Wildlife Art News, Scott Foresman, NASA and Rubberstampmadness among others and her work has appeared all over the world. Her specialties are nature illustration, logo design, scientific illustration, hand lettering, cartooning, book design & illustration, product development and packaging design. Vivian works long distance and can be reached at

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